We’re DangerMonkey. We’re a band from Cincinnati, Ohio. We’re 4 guys with a love for rock n roll. The music we play is pretty straight forward. It comes from the heart and the gut. From years of dragging gear to bar after bar–gig to gig. The experiences pile up and that’s what we sing about. We ain’t pretty (well one of us is) but you’ll know we’re there when we’re in the room. Our aim is to play “Songs you don’t know you love yet” and hopefully, you’ll say what a lot of people say after seeing us—”Holy shit those guys are awesome” Come check us out. Hopefully we can make a MonkeyJunkie out of you!

Steve Wurz-Bass-DangerMonkey

Jeff Aubrey.

Lead Vocals/Wordsmith

A veteran of the Cincinnati rock community, Jeff is our frontman

and tech wizard. If he had the parts, he could build us our own spaceship... With state of the art lighting and sound.


Tim Wullenweber.

Lead Guitar/Vocals

Co- founder of DM, Tim has shredded venues across this fine region for some time. His four-fingered solos (he can never have too many) are amazing to watch. He can also sell ice to eskimos.

Steve Wurz

Bass Guitar

Steve is the keeper of the low end thump. A graduate of the Geddy Lee School for Super Smart Bass Players, “The Doctor” quietly tears it up on stage while simultaneously doing calculus.

Tom Sgouris


“The other” DM Founder

is here pretty much to "Bring the Thunder". His claim to fame? He’s NEVER played in a cover band—because cover bands don’t change the world. Did we mention he's mostly deaf?

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